'Shifting from reactive to proactive data management to drive growth and profitability' fireside chat at A-Team Data Management Summit Virtual USA

on Oct 11, 2021

Data management is a vital part of every organisations business strategy - but managing data is not as straight forward as it may seem, and at times financial institutions are finding themselves on the back foot when it comes to their approaches.

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Topics: RegTech, Financial Services, FinTech

'ESG Insight Briefing: Addressing ESG data and reporting challenges' - panel discussion with A-Team Insights

on Sep 20, 2021

"The immediate challenge with ESG is to present something that is at least understood and defined for yourself. If you can explain what you are putting forward as a global entity in the first instance, you have hope."  - Philip Miller, Co-CEO of Solidatus.

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Topics: RegTech, ESG, Financial Services, FinTech

Practical Data Strategies for meeting ESG Obligations in Financial Services

on Sep 14, 2021

Organisations around the world know that the significance of ESG is rising every day - and where once the E, the S and the G were initially separate, they are now being seen as collective initiative to achieve data standards.

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Topics: Data Lineage, Data Management, RegTech, ESG, Financial Services, FinTech

Solidatus to showcase ESG FinTech solutions at the DIT's New York Climate Week

on Aug 17, 2021

Solidatus has been chosen by the UK Department for International Trade (DIT) as one of 11 UK-headquartered FinTech companies to join a virtual trade delegation to New York Climate Week from Monday, 20 September to Friday, 1 October 2021.

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Topics: Data Lineage, Data Governance, Data Management, RegTech, ESG, Financial Services, FinTech

Enterprise Engagement Workshop: Building successful FinTech partnerships with financial institutions

on Jun 30, 2021

Financial institutions and FinTechs have unique strengths that when brought together can be very powerful. Financial institutions possess market share and well-established relationships with their customers, often developed over many years. Meanwhile, FinTechs offer specialist technical knowledge and an agile approach to innovation, enabling them to improve inefficient processes and build powerful digital solutions.

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Topics: Partners, FinTech