Exploring the long operational reach of ESG data

on Jul 20, 2021

"Data is increasingly the lifeblood of modern business, and understanding its flows throughout an operational structure can be vital from compliance perspectives, and also indicate where efficiencies can be made and systems optimised."

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Topics: Regulatory Compliance, Press, ESG

A-Team Inaugural ESG Handbook 2021 – data challenges, emerging regulations and the future of ESG

on Jul 12, 2021

In recent years, the world has woken up to the fact that serious action needs to be taken by governments, businesses and people alike if we want to achieve just this one goal – make our planet a better place for everyone.

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Topics: Regulatory Compliance, Press, ESG

Vietnam is about to enter a new data protection era – are businesses ready?

on Jul 9, 2021

"Vietnam is poised to pass a new decree that will bring the nation into line with its peers across APAC and internationally when it comes to personal data protection – and it’s providing a new impetus for businesses to look again at enhancing their data management."

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Topics: Data Privacy

Data isn’t expensive, complexity is

on Jul 8, 2021

“We want to make data a better place”, says Philip Miller, Co-CEO at Solidatus. Joining EM360 to discuss some of the data challenges organisations are facing, Philip explains that it is the complexity surrounding data, and not the data itself, that is costing organisations huge amounts of time, money, and sometimes their reputation.

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Topics: Data Lineage, Data Management, Data Privacy

Enterprise Engagement Workshop: Building successful FinTech partnerships with financial institutions

on Jun 30, 2021

Financial institutions and FinTechs have unique strengths that when brought together can be very powerful. Financial institutions possess market share and well-established relationships with their customers, often developed over many years. Meanwhile, FinTechs offer specialist technical knowledge and an agile approach to innovation, enabling them to improve inefficient processes and build powerful digital solutions.

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Topics: Partners, FinTech