Women Take Tech Podcast with Solidatus & ElevatHer

By Press Office
on Mar 8, 2021
This year, we wanted to do a little more than the traditional social media nod to International Women's Day. We wanted to ensure that we are not only elevating the voices of women around the world, but those close to home. This year, we pay homage to the wonderful women of tech and Solidatus. 

We had the privilege of teaming up with Sheena Shah, the Founder of ElevatHer - a technology led networking tool to empower women in finance and tech - to discuss all things International Women's Day. 

Solidatus co-founder Philip Miller joined Full Stack Software Developer Nadia Mahgerefteh and Head of Support & Training Rupa Rughani as they sat down with Sheena to talk about their career journeys thus far, challenges they have faced as women in a male dominated industry, and why we should be doing more to attract female talent into tech. 

Head over to the ElevatHer website to listen to the podcast:

Women Take Tech with Solidatus & ElevatHer

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