Managing data governance in a year unlike any other

on Dec 14, 2020

2020 has been a year unlike any in living memory with Covid-19, directly and indirectly, affecting every person on the planet. The repercussions of the pandemic have had an immeasurable effect on almost every person and organisation across the globe. The pandemic is changing the dynamics of how we operate as businesses. This displacement reveals the widening cracks in an organisation’s data strategy, as knowledge of company data and processes is walking out of the door. Businesses taking action with a renewed effort on Data Governance and Data Management will gain a head start in a post-pandemic world.

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Topics: Data Lineage, Data Governance, Data Quality, Data Management, Covid19

Solidatus supports FCA and City of London's pilot to create 'digital sandbox'

on Jul 21, 2020

Solidatus is delighted to have been invited to provide its award-winning metadata modelling services to model the test datasets being created in the Financial Conduct Authority and City of London Corporation's pilot to create a ‘digital sandbox’. This sandbox will be opened later in the Summer to support innovative firms tackling challenges caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Solidatus co-founder Philip Dutton discusses how Solidatus is helping clients during Covid

on Jun 22, 2020

Solidatus co-founder Philip Dutton was interviewed by Andy from Disruptive LIVE’s The Andy Show today. Catch up with the discussion about the Solidatus journey to date, the value we add to our clients and how we are helping them in these Covid times.

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Philip Miller discusses effective Data Management Strategies during Covid with The Times Raconteur

on May 13, 2020

Co-founder Philip Miller contributes to The Times  on effective Data Management Strategies during Covid-19 and beyond.

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Topics: Metadata Management, Covid19

Keep Covid and Carry On

on Apr 29, 2020

May we live in interesting times” goes the saying somewhat ironically known as the Chinese Curse (there is no proven link to China of course!). We are certainly living out those interesting times now and there is a lot going on. At Solidatus, we are not ones to look at the negatives, so let’s have a look at the opportunities that are out there while we are all locked up at home.

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Topics: Data Lineage, Data Management, Covid19