Toe the line: harness data lineage to drive business success

By Press Office
on Jun 18, 2021

"Without good data management practices and an accurate understanding of the data that sits within your organisation – you are essentially running that business on potentially shaky ground."

Solidatus Co-Founder Philip Dutton recently sat down with ITProPortal to take a look at all things data lineage, and how organisations can achieve not just compliance for ever-growing and evolving regulations, but unlock new business opportunities and make better decisions just by getting their data management right. 

We are slowly but surely moving away from the use of spreadsheets to store important, sensitive and influential data which tends to be moved and updated manually, and looking to make the foundations for the DNA of our organisations more efficient, automated and holistic. 

A new breed of RegTech has now taken over the market, the kind that "once implemented effectively,  will provide the operational certainty needed to future-proof the organisation’s entire digital framework, while staying on top of increasing volumes of data input and a constantly changing legislative landscape."

Read Philip's insights for ITProPortal to find out how the right solution like Solidatus used proactively can transform the data estate of a business and enable more than just regulatory compliance:

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