Solidatus talks to Waterstechnology about building its new ESG model

By Press Office
on Dec 7, 2020

“We’re looking at putting regulations and ways of measuring ESG factors into a model that will show the relationships between them and what they have in common" - Solidatus Data Architect and ESG Specialist John Tobin sat down with Waterstechnology to discuss how businesses can improve their ESG ratings.

It's undeniable that ESG has blown up in the past year - perhaps in a way no one thought it would. And the speed at which this ESG and related compliance is evolving has inevitably left many organisations scratching their heads, wondering not only how to raise their ESG rating but where to even start.

Speaking to Waterstechnology, John identifies three core aspects to the new Solidatus ESG model, which will log a business's sustainability goals and the data journey it will take to achieve them:

Purpose: Determine the end goal

Delivery:  Establish how a business can change and adapt to reach those goals

Deliverables: Pinpoint the specific data needed to gather and where to gather it from

Solidatus enables organisations to visualise the data journey behind achieving ESG goals, providing visible actions specifically required to improve ratings. Through a clear representation similar to a flowchart, our ESG model will show organisations how data points are interlinked, any gaps that exist and even the impact of modifications.

To find out more, read the Waterstechnology article* or download our ESG Factsheet:

Solidatus Builds New ESG Model with WaterstechnologySolidatus ESG Factsheet 

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