Practical Data Strategies for meeting ESG Obligations in Financial Services

By Press Office
on Sep 14, 2021

Organisations around the world know that the significance of ESG is rising every day - and where once the E, the S and the G were initially separate, they are now being seen as collective initiative to achieve data standards.

Data is the key to being able to track all the way back to the recommendations and principles, through all the movement in organisations. To achieve this, there needs to be a collective effort within a business - from multiple teams, across multiple functions and jurisdictions.

If organisations don't get the data right, the impact of ESG will be felt far and wide, with practical challenges manifesting themselves in the development and implementations of effective ESG strategies. 

In our first ever ESG whitepaper, we explore best practices when it comes to the development of an internal framework for identifying people and teams responsible for meeting ESG obligations; interpretation of rules and regulations to define the obligation; and defining the deliverables to meet the obligation.

This whitepaper also takes a deep dive into the following;

  • The ESG investing landscape and how best to respond to its major challenges
  • Contextualising ESG initiatives and establishing organisational-wide understanding
  • Building a successful ESG program and refining a data strategy
  • The benefits of the Solidatus ‘lineage-first’ compliance solution

Download our ESG whitepaper to find out more:

ESG Whitepaper - Thumbnail
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