Podcast: How to become a data-driven organisation

By Press Office
on Aug 5, 2021

Data. It powers the cogs of nearly every business today, and has become a true 'asset', especially when it comes to digital transformation and data-driven decision making.

In a new EM360 podcast with Scott Taylor (a.k.a ‘The Data Whisperer’), our Co-CEO Philip Dutton is joined by GSK Consumer Healthcare’s CDO, Wade Munsie. 

Philip and Wade share their thoughts on the realism of what goes into making data an asset, data-led decision-making, and the purpose of the CDO. The pair answer key business questions such as:  

  • How should companies begin their data transformation journeys and manage their assets effectively?  
  • How should a business approach the purpose of the CDO from an investment and governance standpoint? 
  • And, how should we deal with data quality?  

Additional topics of discussion include data ecosystem sustainability and setting up a CDO from scratch. 

Listen to the full podcast: How to become a data-driven organisation

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