Planning a cloud migration? Here are the key areas of focus to consider

on Oct 20, 2021

Cloud migration has become one of the key issues large businesses are facing, and the global pandemic has only accelerated this. We recently hosted a panel discussionCloud Transformation - The Greenfield Opportunity, but where do you start?’ to dive deeper into this key focus area.

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Topics: Cloud, Cloud Migration

Big Data LDN 2021: Data governance - why, how and how much? Panel Discussion

on Oct 14, 2021

"The first thing to recognise is what you’re trying to do is give an organisation its own innate intellectual property, it’s own understanding of itself - it's own blueprint." 

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Topics: Data Governance

Big Data LDN 2021: Big Data & Privacy – What You Need To Know Panel Debate

on Oct 14, 2021

"You need to be able to prove the lineage of the data – where you sourced it from, what the data is, what are its purposes and uses, and where it is going. It's important to be able to prove this within your own company but also for the regulators as well."

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Topics: Data Privacy, Big Data

'Best practices for metadata management' Shared webinar with A-Team Insight

on Oct 12, 2021

"Metadata is data about data. Metadata gives the specifics of what data is and how you should use it."

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Topics: Metadata Management

'Shifting from reactive to proactive data management to drive growth and profitability' fireside chat at A-Team Data Management Summit Virtual USA

on Oct 11, 2021

Data management is a vital part of every organisations business strategy - but managing data is not as straight forward as it may seem, and at times financial institutions are finding themselves on the back foot when it comes to their approaches.

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Topics: RegTech, ESG, Financial Services, FinTech