Automation: What you don't know can hurt you

on Jun 9, 2021

The FIMA Europe Research Report provides a unique insight into prevailing attitudes to data management among senior financial executives charged with delivering it within their enterprises. These senior executives are personally liable for their areas of responsibility and could face fines or even imprisonment in the event of major failings at their organisations. 

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Topics: Data Lineage, Financial Services, Automation

Do we need 'ESG-as-a-service'? Lorraine Waters for Finextra

on Jun 7, 2021

"Alongside the rise and rise of ESG and the data challenges every company will face, are the number of sectorial, regional, supra-regional, governmental, rating agency, and investment fund standards, principles and frameworks – each with their own set of criteria and measurements" - Lorraine Waters, Chief Data Officer, Solidatus.

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Vietnam’s PDPA – Foolproof your organisation against new privacy legislation

on Jun 4, 2021

Vietnam’s upcoming implementation of a Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) aligns it regionally and globally with the accelerating trend of data privacy legislation. A consistent theme is that it, along with other regional legislation, broadly aligns with standards in other global legislation – in this case, the EU’s GDPR.

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In a changing world, it pays to be prepared

on Jun 2, 2021

A connected world comes with consequences

The creation and retention of data has increased exponentially in recent years. Our expanding digital landscapes have led to the introduction of privacy legislation to keep our data secure.

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Topics: Data Privacy

FIMA Report 2021 – Data as a strategic growth asset

on May 24, 2021

"Respondents to the FIMA 2021 report would be expected to ensure that the data for which they are responsible is fit for purpose. Answers to some of the questions, however, suggest that there may still be shortcomings..." 


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Topics: Data Management, Financial Services