'Most Common Data Mistakes' FinTalks: After Hours Panel Discussion with Future Processing

By Press Office
on Mar 19, 2021

There is an ever-increasing number of projects related to data, making it easy to slide into common traps resulting in mistakes that undermine the business behind it. On this panel at Future Processing's ITInsights event, we discuss the most common data challenges we see in our industry and how to overcome them.

With so many organisations still not reaching their full data potential having tried to bring it to the centre of their business, we have to look at what is hindering this journey: data complexity being the biggest among these challenges. Data and technology has evolved exponentially over the last 2 years, with the development of a huge volume of new systems adding to this complexity. It has become an ecosystem that we must learn to understand and interconnect.  

What solutions like Solidatus are trying to do is help banks understand their data. If businesses want to be able to drive a model forward or achieve regulatory compliance, they have to understand their data.  By understanding your data, and ascertaining that you need to have it as a reusable asset, you can drive your ability to obtain market and customer insights. Once understood, you can control your data and gain value from it.

Together with Julien Cousineau, CTO & Founder of Flinks and Enzo Casasola Head of RegTech at Suade Labs, Solidatus Co-Founder Philip Dutton goes through the most popular pitfalls to avoid, the most relevant lessons learned and tips on how to tackle these challenges.

Check out the FinTalks: After Hours discussion panel - Most Common Data Mistakes  to learn more:

FinTalks: After Hours - Most Common Data Mistakes

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