'Leveraging data lineage to deliver tangible business benefits' webinar with the A-Team

By Press Office
on Apr 1, 2021

In this webinar with the A-Team, we take a look at how firms implement data lineage, particularly when facing challenges presented by legacy systems, and how technology solutions used to build and automate enterprise lineage can solve these challenges. 

Data lineage has rapidly evolved over the last few years. Where once it was just the technical connectivity of systems and data, it now enables us to evidence control and understand data, as well as drill down to people and obligations, by policy and regulations.

It's become crucial that people understand lineage as a business map not just a technical blueprint.

Data lineage is central to data quality, accuracy and access. It is also essential to understanding how data flows throughout an organisation, as well as how people across multiple jurisdictions are are using data. So how can a good data lineage  solution help deliver significant and long-lasting business benefits?

Solidatus Co-Founder Philip Dutton sat down with the A-Team for a panel discussion with Legal & General, BNY Mellon, MarkLogic and Octopai to discuss the evolution and importance of data lineage: 

  • What is data lineages role today?
  • What are the data management challenges of issues such as legacy and complex multiple systems, and sustaining accurate and accessible lineage? 
  • What are the potential business and operational benefits of effective implementation?

Watch the webinar Leveraging data lineage to deliver tangible business benefits to learn more:

A-Team Webinar: Leveraging data lineage to deliver tangible business benefits


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