Keep Covid and Carry On

By Philip Miller
on Apr 29, 2020

May we live in interesting times” goes the saying somewhat ironically known as the Chinese Curse (there is no proven link to China of course!). We are certainly living out those interesting times now and there is a lot going on. At Solidatus, we are not ones to look at the negatives, so let’s have a look at the opportunities that are out there while we are all locked up at home.

For both private companies and public bodies, there are a lot of challenges in having to work from home - these range from the inevitable stresses to infrastructure, as networks struggle to cope with many times their expected loads of external VPN users, security departments worried about just about every staff member accessing restricted documents from off-premise locations to companies worried about who will hijack their VC calls!

One of the things that is most apparent is that a lot of the way we have worked in the past may have changed forever. Some of these changes are challenges of human kind – you no longer have unrestricted access to natter with your mates in the office, pass around gossip or pick up that small bit of information you were not expecting, but which made the job easier. Other changes are productivity ones, information needs to be presented in an explicitly more accessible and self-service fashion as collaborative working is inherently harder, people are finding that they need to do more work on their own and compare results in a more structured, less ad-hoc way. Finally, procurement, HR and risk management rule books have been thrown out of the window – they have not stood up to the ultimate test and they will probably never be the same again.

From mapping the course of the ‘virus’ to trying to make good decisions, there is a need to understand the interaction of people, process and data in a way we have never before seen. We have often talked about our crowdsourcing approach to the collection of metadata and this has never been more important than now. Solidatus was designed to be a record of the reasons for decisions (what facts were known at a point in time) and also as an analytics engine to double check outcomes.

Every cog in the organisational wheel needs to mesh properly today, and it needs to do so in a way that it does not stress the machine it is driving to breaking point. We are finding that, more than ever there is a need to be able to have situational awareness about every fact that drives an enterprise – from staff to suppliers to customers, how they work together and what the dependencies on each of them are. Solidatus was built to drive good, cohesive design, guide decision-making and provide transparency.

In these, unquestionably, interesting times, Solidatus is a required part of the operational arsenal of enterprises, small or big, public or private, in the push for operational control, good governance and frictionless, rapid, change.

The future is an interesting place; the old way of working is gone for good and, if we make the right choices now, then we will come out of these times in better shape.

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Topics: Data Lineage, Data Management, Covid19

Author: Philip Miller

Co-Founder, Senior Architect, Analyst and Engineer with over 20 years’ experience within Financial Services specialising in high performance computing, complex event processing and system integration. He is an acknowledged expert is real-time regulatory reporting.
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