Identity and Access Management: A License to Operate

By Philip Dutton
on Aug 22, 2019

Last month I was invited to present during BrightTalk’s Data Management and Analytics in Financial Services Summit. They asked me to speak about Identity and Access Management and showcase how technology is enabling financial institutions to reduce risk and improve compliance while managing sensitive data.

As I reflected on what was asked of me I began to think about how the combination of regulatory diversity, the changing technology landscape and the explosion of data exploitation has created a situation whereby access management has become less controlled than is desired. The management, governance, and analysis of this data is essential in order for Financial Services firms to stay compliant and provide the best, secure experience for their customers.

In my opinion, there are three pillars to control in a data-rich regulated company - what data you have, what it is being used for, and who is using it. These pillars have nuances as well, for example, where is the person, the data or the process and how old is the data. In the current data climate, it is normal for a company to have a policy that tells people (customers as well as staff) the rules of the road for accessing information. Enshrining this policy into the fabric of the organisation, so that people do not have to think about it. As well as satisfying the current trend of DevOps, is the key to allowing a fast iteration culture, delivering value without creating more overheads.

Click below to view the webinar and learn how Solidatus can help financial institutions leverage data to reduce risk and improve efficiency. 

Solidatus Brighttalk_Identity and Access Management Title Slide_July2019




You can also download our Identity and Access Management fact sheet to learn more about how Solidatus can help you monitor, plan and debug user entitlement lineage to detect movers, leavers and stale permissions.

Fact Sheet

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Author: Philip Dutton

Philip Dutton is a Co-Founder of Solidatus. With over 20 years’ experience, much of his expertise has come from managing global transformational change projects within the Financial Services sector. Philip is a thought leader in shifting the data management paradigm towards sustainability and is passionate about revolutionising the data economy and helping companies become proactive instead of reactive when it comes to the management of their data.
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