Gary Chitan: Why I joined Solidatus

By Gary Chitan
on Oct 1, 2020

Solidatus is delighted to welcome Gary Chitan, Business Development Director,  to the team. He joins with over 20 years’ experience working with global clients in senior consulting and sales roles in Process and Data Management.

When did you become aware of Solidatus?

It wasn’t until Jonathan Brown, a technical consultant I was working with at the time, shared details of the solution he was working on for a joint project with Solidatus that my interest in Solidatus was piqued. I was aware of Solidatus soon after its launch and kept a watching brief on the company, anticipating if there was an opportunity to work together. I was impressed with the investment from Citi and put the company on my watch list. 

What was it about the solution that got you interested?

 One of the elements that appealed to me was that Solidatus wasn’t an academic exercise; it was built by people working in complex data environments who were trying to solve complex data problems. The other attraction was that I’d been working with metadata management solutions for some time and could see how much more value and benefit Solidatus brought. In my previous roles, I tended to categorise these solutions into two groups, with two basic approaches:

  1.  Technical, which focuses more on the technical aspect of data management - rich in functionality and scalable, but requires significant upfront investment with long-term strategies required to see the promised value. They can also be challenging when it comes to gaining the business adoption for the solution; and
  2. Business, which focuses more on the business aspect of data management - requiring a smaller investment to start, with the ability to see short-term results quicker, but scaling on an enterprise level is challenging as is delivering transformation as they don’t provide the technical capabilities and rigueur required by most organisations.  

 Of course, these are generalisations, but bridging the chasm between these two approaches is where the competitive edge and market opportunity lies for Solidatus.

I saw very quickly that using Solidatus could help organisations leverage the investment they have already made by integrating with the solution to quickly deploy their data landscape. This speed of deployment facilitates both the monetisation and democratisation of data which all organisations aim to achieve.

 Now that you’ve joined, what is your first impression?

 The team is extremely knowledgeable and passionate, and has already achieved great things in a very short space of time. I am looking forward to adding my own knowledge and experience to the team and working together to grow Solidatus, providing its clients with the Number One intuitive data management solution.

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Author: Gary Chitan

Gary Chitan is a Business Development Director at Solidatus. He joins the team with over 20 years’ experience working with global clients in senior consulting and sales roles in Process and Data Management.
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