ESG today and tomorrow - what you should know

By Solidatus
on May 25, 2022

“If we do our jobs right, we can save the planet.”

Our Co-CEO Philip Miller gave us some serious food for thought at the recent A-Team ESG Data & Tech Summit in London.

In his keynote speech, ‘7 things you need to know about ESG’, Philip talked us through the challenges of ESG as it stands today, how it is constantly developing and why it's imperative organizations create and implement the right strategy to ensure future compliance.

He raised some insightful points for the audience to take away with them:

  • We need to live and breathe a data-driven culture in businesses, so that ESG becomes part of a holistic company mindset – making it everyone’s responsibility
  • Organizations have to publish a strategy that holds up to public scrutiny as the court of public opinion will come to bear on ESG initiatives
  • As our CDO, Lorraine Waters, said earlier during a panel discussion at the same event, “it’s difficult to model the ever-evolving regulations without the right tools". The Solidatus solution can give you the control points to get good returns while helping you save the planet

Hear more from Philip by watching his keynote speech on-demand now:











While we have you, check our article '7 things the CDO needs to know about ESG':

22.02-000009 GRIC 7 things the Chief Data Officer needs to know about ESG SG


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