EDM Council Partners with Solidatus to Offer Advanced Knowledge Modeling Tool for DCAM V2

By Philip Dutton
on Sep 26, 2019

NEW YORK and LONDON - September 26, 2019 - EDM Council, the cross-industry trade association for data management, has partnered with Solidatus, the leading data lineage and business relationship modeling solution, to provide EDM Council members with a DCAM® (Data Management Capability Assessment Model) Knowledge Modeling tool. 

The models enable chief data officers and their organisations to more effectively manage their data supply chain and conform with regulatory, data privacy and other business process requirements. Consequently, this enables companies to deliver their data management capability road-map while accelerating value delivery from their data assets.

EDM Council recently released Version 2 of DCAM with new digital capabilities, and the new Solidatus tool offers users the ability to create model linkages between DCAM and other data management tools as well as between the new and previous versions of DCAM. DCAM is the industry-standard best practice framework for data assessment, designed to assist today's information professional in developing and sustaining a comprehensive data management program. The Solidatus tool is exclusively available to EDM Council members, who will be able to access a read-only version of the Solidatus models and platform with an option to upgrade to a full-use license.

 Effective data management needs to be a business priority as competition across some of the largest global industries increases along with the regulatory and data privacy mandates that govern them. Well-managed, accurate data is also crucial to digital transformation, AI and ML initiatives,” said John Bottega, Executive Director of EDM Council. “We’re very excited to be partnering with Solidatus and the innovation they bring to the data management landscape.”

 After becoming a corporate member of EDM Council in early 2019, Solidatus and EDM Council have continuously collaborated to provide additional knowledge models showing the relationship between DCAM and GDPR, BCBS 239 and other regulations and business process models.

 Regulators and industry participants are leveraging data more comprehensively than ever, so it’s imperative that they have the necessary modeling tools to analyse it in order to make informed decisions,” said Philip Dutton, Co-Founder of Solidatus. “Partnering with EDM Council allows us to help them achieve their goal of improving their overall data management capabilities and is a key step for us in delivering our tools to the broader marketplace.”

There are eight DCAM models that have been released to date that use the Solidatus technology, which include DCAM Version 2.1 (mapped to DCAM Version 1.3), DCAM Version 2.1 Master Model, DCAM Version 1.3 Master Model, DCAM Version 2 New Concepts, DCAM Forward Capability (Capability and Sub-capability Level) and Backward Capability (Capability and Sub-Capability Level). Additional models such as GDPR to DCAM and BCBS 239 to DCAM will be released later this 2019.

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Author: Philip Dutton

Philip Dutton is a Co-Founder of Solidatus. With over 20 years’ experience, much of his expertise has come from managing global transformational change projects within the Financial Services sector. Philip is a thought leader in shifting the data management paradigm towards sustainability and is passionate about revolutionising the data economy and helping companies become proactive instead of reactive when it comes to the management of their data.
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