Diversity of Thought and Staying Ahead of the Innovation Curve - CDO Magazine Interviews Lorraine Waters

By Press Office
on Aug 24, 2021

"Data is a career in its own right now. With data, we are very conscious that you need diversity of thought to be able to develop solutions, you need diversity of thought to ensure you are not creating bias and that you can uncover bias in a data set."

In the fourth and final video segment with CDO Magazine, Solidatus Chief Data Officer Lorraine Waters wraps up her chat with Ben DeBow, CEO & Founder of Fortified Data Services, as they discussed the following key points:

  • The need to push for diversity and inclusion in the data industry - with diversity of thought rooting out historic bias built into legacy data sets
  • CDOs need to ensure they are scanning the horizon by looking at new technologies and changes by staying ahead of the innovation curve
  • How 'data trauma' faced by firms and governments over the last year has led to issues around accessing data used to manage and track and trace individuals and health concerns
  • ESG is not a box-ticking exercise, and all CDOs need to be brought into this conversation;
    "We all have a responsibility in an organisation to the data – but we have a huge accountability to the planet as well. ESG will be an interesting and tough challenge over the coming years."

This interview was initially published on CDO Magazine's website, visit their  page here

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