Dataversity Demo Day: Navigating through the data privacy labyrinth with Philip Dutton

By Press Office
on Nov 23, 2021

"We are designed to be fit for purpose not only today, but for years to come."

128 countries globally have data privacy laws and by 2022, over 1m organisations will have a DPO. For each of us, ensuring our personal data is kept under control is paramount as we navigate through life. For global organisations, leveraging customer data to deliver business results while juggling the demands of multiple regulators and jurisdictions is extremely challenging.

At Dataversity's Demo Day 2021, Solidatus Co-CEO Philip Dutton explained that by institutionalising a ‘lineage-first’ approach to data management, tracking personal data, its use, and how it interacts with an organisation’s systems and processes across jurisdictions, becomes seamless.

During his demo 'Navigating through the data privacy labyrinth', Philip discussed:

  • How HSBC revolutionised their data sharing process with Solidatus - reducing approval times from months to minutes and redeploying hundreds of staff
  • How Solidatus can quickly give organisations the information they need to make confident decisions on data sharing
  • How Solidatus allows any user to easily identify the nuances of regulations - information that is normally locked in the heads of lawyers and subject matter experts
With Solidatus, compliance expenditure isn’t narrowly constrained and can, instead, be transformative – an opportunity to elevate and transform a business’ data capabilities. To find out more, watch Philip's demo on-demand now.

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