'Data management for ESG requirements' webinar with A-Team

By Press Office
on May 17, 2021

"Over the next few years, it's going to be critical to get this right. Organisations that have it wrong are going to see share prices hit and investor confidence reduced. This is now so big and involved in every decision - right from the top of the house to the bottom - it's going to be very expensive for organisations that do this at the last minute and get it wrong."

Investment in ESG-progressive organisations is moving into the mainstream, requiring businesses to develop strategies that deliver for both themselves and their investors. But in a relatively immature market with complex and conflicting standards, how can we deliver successful data management strategies for ESG requirements?

Solidatus Co-Founder Philip Miller sat down with industry experts from Bloomberg, UBS, TD Asset Management and Alveo for the latest A-Team Insights webinar to discuss the biggest challenges and best practices around ESG data sourcing and management strategies.

The looked at these key factors in their discussion:

  • How 60% of respondents watching the webinar confirmed they are not currently ready to comply with forthcoming EU and UK ESG and sustainability regulations
  • When it comes to the emerging technologies designed to help organisations make the most of ESG data, it is essential to pick an agile platform that will keep pace with evolving learnings and understandings
  • Organisations who get their ESG data sourcing and management strategies wrong could see a hit to their share prices and reduced investor confidence – getting it right now will save businesses financially and operationally in the long run

Watch the webinar Data management for ESG Requirements to learn more:

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