FIMA Report 2021 – Data as a strategic growth asset

By Press Office
on May 24, 2021

"Respondents to the FIMA 2021 report would be expected to ensure that the data for which they are responsible is fit for purpose. Answers to some of the questions, however, suggest that there may still be shortcomings..." 


Containing answers and insights from 100 Chief Data Officers from buy-side and sell-side firms globally, find out the challenges faced in 2021 and the solutions being put in place to help organisations unlock the value of their data.
  • How are financial services organisations using their data to predict potential risk?
  • How is compliance being ensured across diverse, disconnected, and siloed internal regulatory systems?
  • What level of trust do these CDOs have in the accuracy, traceability, and usability of their data

Also learn from Solidatus' Co-CEO and Co-Founder, Philip Dutton, why what you don’t know can hurt you when it comes to automation.

ESG for Solidatus

Some key findings from the report:

91% of respondents do not have a 'high level of trust' in the accuracy, traceability, and usability of their data across their enterprise.

51% of respondents answered that they use automation to identify data risks, but only 14% of answers included any knowledge of the processes involved.

Download the report discover more insights

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