Big Data LDN 2021: Data governance - why, how and how much? Panel Discussion

By Press Office
on Oct 14, 2021

"The first thing to recognise is what you’re trying to do is give an organisation its own innate intellectual property, it’s own understanding of itself - it's own blueprint." 

September 22 & 23 marked the return of live events and saw professionals from across the country get together to talk and learn about the thing that makes the world go round: data. 

In amongst the many insightful and fascinating speeches, panels, discussions and demos, Solidatus Co-CEO Philip Miller joined Nicola Askham from The Data Governance Coach, Tariq Bhatti from One Housing and Olivier Van Hoof from Collibra to sink their teeth into the hot topic of data governance. 

Together, they looked at why it is an absolute must for organisations to implement data governance, how to get started and, importantly, what to avoid along the journey.

Here are some of our most interesting takeaways:

  • Data governance is the people, processes and the technology. Tech is an enabler for automation, the process is what the business wants to get right and work with. But the key is people – by implementing data governance, organisations makes the lives of its people easier and safeguards them from scrutiny and auditors
  • It's imperative to get data governance on the ground of an organisation and into the ethos of the data life cycle by understanding how data is moving and changing over time
  • Data governance is not just a 'one-man' journey, it's everyone's business - from the top down. It needs to be viewed as a culture shift, with it being everybody's responsibility to make it work 
  • Nothing will damage data more than doing it badly. Data projects need to be seen as so much more than just projects – they are an approach on how a business should run, and it needs to be engrained into the fabric of an organisation

To listen to this fantastic panel debate, watch the session from Big Data LDN on-demand here:

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