Big Data LDN 2021: Big Data & Privacy – What You Need To Know Panel Debate

By Press Office
on Oct 14, 2021

"You need to be able to prove the lineage of the data – where you sourced it from, what the data is, what are its purposes and uses, and where it is going. It's important to be able to prove this within your own company but also for the regulators as well."

September 22 & 23 marked the return of live events and saw professionals from across the country get together to talk and learn about the thing that makes the world go round: data. 

In amongst the many insightful and fascinating speeches, panels, discussions and demos, we had the opportunity to watch our Chief Data Officer Lorraine Waters live in action for the first time on the panel debate 'Big Data & Privacy - What You Need to Know' alongside Dimitri Sirota from BigID, Tudor Galos from Tudor Galos Consulting and Terry Ray from Imperva.

Together, they looked at some key and necessary points of data privacy and what businesses - especially global enterprises with data in many different jurisdictions - need to be doing to ensure they remain compliant throughout the challenges of increasingly tougher and changing regulatory pressures.

Here are some of our most interesting takeaways:

  • The anonymisation of the data – make it available to the communities that need it
  • Automated data lineage that is capable of mapping to external regulations and legislations as and when they change is key. As legislations change, the impact on systems, data, policies and roles needs to be understood and mitigated
  • Data privacy needs to be embedded at the design stage. Educate the organisation as a whole - not just the data professional - on what that means
  • Instead of detect and react, businesses need to be proactively preventing issues by creating a lineage-first approach to dynamically manage how data is flowing throughout their organisation.

To listen to this fantastic panel debate, watch the session from Big Data LDN on-demand here:


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