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How a fashion house maps its environmental impact and automates reporting

on May 5, 2022

Meeting the requirements of Environmental Social Governance (ESG) criteria marks a commitment to building a more sustainable organisation and ultimately a climate positive company. But with so many standards, disclosures and rating methods, alongside the new data sources required to meet them, how do you understand how data requirements intersect whilst maintaining high-level control?

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Topics: Data Lineage, ESG

How to optimize the business value of your data with agile data governance

on Mar 29, 2022

“Instead of being controlled by data and the regulator, we want that nirvana state of using the data in order to turn on a dime to market conditions and new opportunities.”

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Topics: Data Governance

The case for the Solidatus approach to data lineage: new podcast

on Mar 3, 2022

What is data lineage and how does it differ from the better-understood discipline of data management of which it’s becoming a crucial component in forward-thinking circles?

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Topics: Data Lineage

7 things the Chief Data Officer needs to know about ESG

on Feb 22, 2022

For the Chief Data Officer there’s a lot open to interpretation when it comes to their environmental, social and corporate governance obligations and objectives. Here are 7 areas that are key to successful ESG strategy and practice.

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Topics: ESG

Mergers and Acquisitions – optimizing healthcare's digital landscape

on Aug 6, 2021

In this new series of thought leadership blogs, we will be looking at key areas of the global healthcare system, its pain-points and how Solidatus can help overcome these challenges. 

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Topics: GDPR, Big Data, Healthcare