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'The power of data lineage to deliver compliance and business insight' panel discussion at A-Team Data Management Summit Virtual USA

on Oct 11, 2021

From 29 - 30 September, A-Team Insight brought together the US data management community to explore the latest challenges, opportunities and data innovations facing sell side and buy side financial institutions.

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Topics: Data Lineage

Podcast: From months to minutes - the benefits of automated data sharing

on Sep 29, 2021

Data sharing plays a vital role in ensuring organisations can generate insights, manage risk, and understand their customers. It can, however, be a highly complex and labour-intensive endeavour, with differing regulations across jurisdictions around how financial organisations review, approve and track data sharing activities.

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Topics: Digital Transformation, Automation, Data Sharing

How can financial institutions capitalise on technology to make the most of their risk data?

on Sep 27, 2021

Financial institutions have long grappled with challenges regarding risk data aggregation and risk reporting. The principles of BCBS 239 set high standards for governance, IT infrastructure and data management

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Topics: Partners

Complying with Privacy Laws in the UK, USA and Worldwide

on Sep 24, 2021

In this Q&A with EM360, Solidatus’ Co-CEO Philip Dutton sat down to discuss what makes Solidatus different to other data privacy solutions on the market, how we’re helping organisations reduce costs, and what organisations can do to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to data privacy. Read the full Q&A below.

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Topics: Regulatory Compliance, Data Privacy

'ESG Insight Briefing: Addressing ESG data and reporting challenges' - panel discussion with A-Team Insights

on Sep 20, 2021

"The immediate challenge with ESG is to present something that is at least understood and defined for yourself. If you can explain what you are putting forward as a global entity in the first instance, you have hope."  - Philip Miller, Co-CEO of Solidatus.

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Topics: RegTech, ESG, Financial Services, FinTech